Working with Amber Fox

I am the Mary Poppins of Real Estate. I’m what you need, when you need it!

I have been working in real estate since 2001 and gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge in those years across all aspects of the industry. In 2008, I took over the business I was working in and grew it from 2 to 20 staff, grew a substantial rental business and furthered my skills in marketing and selling property. Personally I have also done a number of renovations and a few mini developments of splitting blocks, plus own a few investment properties so I have experience not only as a deliverer of real estate services but also as a consumer in the very industry I work in. All this familiarity with all aspects of real estate gives me an infinite capacity to be successful, manage a business, grow my team and weather all markets. I am a seasoned professional that leaves you in no doubt, whether you are selling or investing, that you have a solid and skilled advisor working for you.

Selling with Amber Fox

I often say, I may not wow you with the latest facebook post or technological listing presentation, but if you are after a personalised service where skill in selling is paramount, not just in making yourself look good, then I’m your gal. Mary Poppins got by on pure skill and ability with a touch of class to perform her magic, and likewise, I don’t need smoke and mirrors to do a good job, I just offer hard work, good ethics and proven results with a touch of my magic … and yes, I even sing 😊. I like to start on an open and honest playing field, so I give you an appraisal on what I think your property is worth giving you a report of recent sales in your area that have features the same, better or worse than your home. I don’t start high and then beat you down, I start honest! We can list your home at any price, but as long as we start with an honest platform, you will have no regrets down the track. I also don’t snag you with a cheap marketing budget and then come asking for more money after the first couple of weeks. I will present to you from the outset what I believe is needed, what I would do if selling my own property, and you can then pick and choose what you want to do. I also report to you within 2 hours of any inspection and weekly in writing about the activity … even if there is none! You will always know what is going on with buyers names and updates on each one. I’m naturally a problem solver so if common buyer feedback is revealing an issue not foreseen, I will help you work through that so it isn’t an obstacle for future buyers. I’m not afraid to share all feedback, good or bad, because then you can make an informed decision, and again, have no regrets because you will always know what is going on and how to best move forward. When you sign that sales contract, you will be confident that it was the best outcome, and not feel uncertain. I do believe you can’t put a price tag on having no regrets … so I do everything to ensure there are no could have’s, should have’s or would have’s. You are my primary focus, getting a result is my job, keeping you informed all along the way is just natural, I negotiate fearlessly once we have that buyer too … it’s not just about getting the offer, it’s about what we do with that offer once it’s comes in … that’s where I really earn my commission actually, bringing the buyer in is one thing that takes a craft, but bringing the 2 parties together is another skill again. I do both with experience and confidence and you will know when you sign that contract that you have had a formidable agent working for you and that peace of mind is truly invaluable when selling your property.

Property Management by Amber Fox

It may seem like a 360 degree statement, but happy landlords mean happy tenants mean happy landlords mean happy tenants mean happy landlords … and that means a happy agent 😊 It is not in my nature to treat anyone like a number, including our tenants, and by knowing them, their kids and pets, I can get the best out of them. Owning my own investment properties, I want to ensure they are maintained, that the rent comes in and that they are looked after well by the tenants. When you have your rental property managed by me, the personal nature of my service means you get gut as well as my skill! I foresee upcoming maintenance issues, I can pre-empt issues that perhaps with a little nudge I can help tenants avoid, I optimise your rental income without risking vacancy and I avoid court!

I once heard this funny statement … how much experience should a successful property manager have in court? The correct answer is NONE. They should be able to avoid issues, manage problems and negotiate through any hiccups to save you the costs and time of court. I can proudly say that I have never had to go to court with any tenants I have placed. Does that mean things have always gone smoothly … no … but it does mean that I find solutions that don’t cost time and money and really, it comes as second nature to a sales person to be able to work through any things that may arise. Also having the business side covered, as well as the sales, I am thinking constantly about the capital value of your property, as well as the steady income and being constantly informed about what is happening with your investment. You can contact me to find out about my guarantees and points of difference, but as I’ve said, happy landlords mean happy tenants mean happy agent and when those things happen, you realise that having a detailed and personalised property management service is not about collecting the rent with a smile, it’s about an entire service improving your capital growth, upping your income and reducing any stress or worry about the unknown.