How Much Does It Cost To Put My House On The Market?


Whilst many agents and agencies play smokes and mirrors around how much it costs to sell your home, I am very happy to give you a rough guide of what the different options cost --- I have nothing to hide and if it helps you take one more step forward in your selling decisions then great … I hope it will mean you will give me the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the sale of you property 😊.  I would of course tailor a solution that is best for you and your property, and when coupled together, the suppliers I have long-term relationships with offer my clients special package rates, but here are some of the options if things are purchased individually. And remember, there are payment plan options available which means you would be able to make 4 equal payments with nothing payable upfront, and the repayments starting one month after you list your property for sale so it becomes very affordable --- you could be sold before you’ve even made your first quarter payment.


All These Are Options … Nothing Is Mandatory Though All Are Beneficial

  • Professional Photography can range from $200 to $400 dependent on the number of shots, if you have a dusk shoot and drone shots.
  • A photo signboard is approximately $200.  A standard for sale board is complimentary.
  • Floor plans again vary on the style of plan and size of your home but can range between $180 - $330.
  • Title searches are $26.00 and must be done to verify current ownership and that there are no burdens on the title.  If there are easements, we would advise buying a plan of the block which is a further $27.00.
  • Facebook marketing campaign – the great thing about facebook is you set the budget, $250 in our area gets a phenomenal exposure rate.
  • Property brochures are a little harder to price as it comes down to size, thickness of paper, style and quantity (either for letterbox drops or just for viewings) but if you wanted these, allow $150 - $250 and you’ll certainly have a good selection.
  • If you were going to auction, a good auctioneer will cost between $880 - $1200.
  • Paper advertising obviously depends on which publication but allow between $1500 - $2200 for a full page and then what portion of that page you use whether it be a quarter, half or full.
  • Internet advertising is typically the most expensive part of the campaign, but by far, the most effective bringing 24/7 exposure. There are many free websites and I use them of course but the industry leading websites do charge and typically they use a dynamic rate based on your suburb and where your search result will rank ---  the top bracket of results is obviously best because you know yourself by page 2 you are already skimming (!), so an effective campaign on and would range between $2500 - $3200 for Sunshine Coast suburbs. If you invite me in for an appraisal, we can discuss a tailored marketing campaign, how these things can be packaged to save you money and how we can get you the very best result possible. Marketing is like the tools and parts when you’re servicing your car. You can go cheap and get “a” result. Or you can opt for the better quality and get far more benefit, longevity and exposure ensuring you get the best result possible. If I were selling my most valuable asset, I know for sure I would leave no stone unturned because what if under that $500 stone there was an extra $20,000!  I encourage you to ask me for an obligation-free appraisal today so we can discuss a tailored marketing package and how this investment can return itself ten-fold when selling with an experienced agent. Email on or phone on 0405 357 735.