Home Is Where The Heart Is


The Australian dream seems to have gone from owning a family home to having 2 homes, 3 cars, 4 TV’s, a boat and more electronic devices than you have fingers.  My mother-in-law fondly tells me of the house her hubby built. They moved in without carpet or couches, just bare walls and over time they patiently finished it off, never had a mortgage … and did it all on one wage!  Perhaps we need to peel back and stop trying to live like the Jones’ and give ourselves permission to live like we want in whatever makes our heart content, whether it be the rustic farm house or the beach-side shack cause home is where the heart is after all.  A dream home needn’t be expensive, just happy! Think it might be time to change the pace of where you live? It’s as easy as giving me a call on 0405 357 735 or popping me an email to amber@thepropertyleague.com.au for a no-obligation, confidential chat.