Do You Offer A Guarantee When Selling Our Home?


Yep … I sure do!  Whilst I can’t control or guarantee exactly when the buyer will come along, I can guarantee the level of service you will receive from me while we are on that journey together.  Those things are:

  1. You deserve a guarantee of satisfaction (not many agents document what service they guarantee so I am willing to put that in writing and have a guarantee!).
  2. You deserve to know the appraisal of your home is based on fact and experience, and put in writing.
  3. You deserve feedback within 2 hours of an inspection.
  4. You deserve a weekly update in writing even if there have been no inspections.
  5. You deserve to know up front what your costs are going to be.
  6. You deserve an assurance that your agent is working for you, the vendor.
  7. You deserve an in depth marketing plan so you know what to expect and when.
  8. You deserve not to be pressured into reducing your price or taking low offers.
  9. You deserve an entire agency working for you, not just your appointed agent.
  10. You deserve to sell your home for the maximum price with the minimum of fuss.

If you believe at any time that any of these essential things are not delivered to you by me whilst I am exclusively selling your home, I will give you a letter of apology and $200 cash each time.  I encourage you to ask me for an obligation-free appraisal today so we can discuss how my guarantee of service does in effect guarantee the result you will get.  Email on or phone on 0405 357 735.