3 Smart Tips to Sell Your Property in Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a peri-urban area which is densely populated. Known for its beaches and natural scenic beauty it has become one of the best property markets to invest in due to its growing population and increasing infrastructure.  Who doesn’t want luxe settings, functional space, beach & bush lifestyle options and captivating views?

However, buying or selling property is a daunting task to most and knowing the right approach to get the best result can be time consuming and stressful.  When it comes to selling or renting out your property, an obligation-free appraisal will help you know what to expect price wise, and also to be informed of the most efficient strategy to see you successfully move onto the next real estate chapter.

If you are currently struggling to sell or rent your property, here are three smart tips for great property results across the Sunshine Coast


If you have a vacant property on the Sunshine Coast, make sure your property stands out from the competition. Try to make your presentation compelling in a way that will still charm buyers or tenants even though it is unfurnished and undecorated. Keeping your property clean and gardens maintained will help it feel looked after and not run down, and who knows, it may even catch the eye of the passers-by. Make sure that you check every room with a critical eye and fix blinds, straighten curtains and clean windows etc to optimise the presentation.


In addition, if some things are lacking like air-conditioning, a dishwasher, wardrobes or screens, whilst the property is vacant is a great time to add some of these things to increase its appeal and value.  A fresh coat of paint while its empty can work wonders for the presentation and even freshen up the smell of an older home.


The good old saying “you can’t sell a secret” is definitely true when it comes to real estate.  Ensuring that you are presenting the property to as many prospects as possible is an investment in your eventual result.  Great photos, a floor plan, a virtual tour and premium positioning on the main websites will increase the enquiry and competition and not see it growing stale.

Hire an experienced real estate agent

A professional real estate agent will know best how to catch hold of potential buyers or tenants as they have good knowledge and experience in this specific domain.  They also have important insights about the current market trends and what potential prospects for your home would be happy or not so happy about.

Moreover, they can also guide on prices and act as a mediator to successfully negotiate prices depending upon the current demand and supply situation. All this will help in obtaining a better property valueon the Sunshine Coast

If you are just starting to think about, or already struggling to sell or rent your house, contact Amber Fox, centrally located in Buderim to service the whole Sunshine Coast.  Amber is an experienced real estate expert known for her smart approach in sales and property management on the Sunshine Coast. You will get immediate response for your queries and a professional and straightforward approach due to her in depth of knowledge and experience in local real estate.  Known as the Mary Poppins of Real Estate, she is what you need, when you need it when it comes to selling or renting your home.

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