Coronavirus and Rental Assistance as at 02-04-20

To my Amazing Landlords and Tenants, we finally have some progress with the State’s rental assistance for those genuinely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which in basic terms equates to a payment of up to $500 per week for eligible tenants for 4 weeks with the intention being to tide over the time for government payments to kick in.  See more information about their statement here. The article tells us that the payments can be accessed by calling the Residential Tenancies Authority on 1800 497 161. I can imagine there will be some delay in getting this call answered so dial when you have time to hold.

Coupled with the Federal Government upping a partner’s earning limit to just under $80,000 for someone to apply for the Job Seeker payment (the old Newstart), this is certainly welcomed relief for all. Please see below a link to the job seeker payment.

And there is also a job keeper payment that is available for employers if their business has a down turn of 30% which would be paid to the business for each “eligible” employee, and must be passed on in full to the employee for those who have been “stood down”, have reduced hours, have lost their jobs, some self-employed and sole traders plus a few others. Read more about that here.

And here’s a general link to the DSS site with all their coronavirus comments and packages.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support and patience through this time. We all naturally want the answers yesterday, but they are slowly coming so hang in there, as I’ve said, we’ll get through this together … it is every bit a joint effort!