Coronavirus and Evictions as at 29-03-20

Scott Morrison has just announced this evening, without much detail, that as expected, there will be at least a 6 month moratorium placed on evictions of tenants, mentioning they realise they need to look at assistance for both tenants and landlords as there has been assistance for employers and employees, banks and their customers and so on --- to any of those who are severely affected by the impact of this pandemic.

Like me, he referred to cases of hardship, and also, like me, he said that we will all be making sacrifices. We all need to stop to think at these times about life’s luxuries and what can be changed in our regular financial outgoings to get us through this time financially hey, it could be a great time to give up smoking or drinking! We’ll all be saving money on shopping cause it’s now been restricted to what we “need”, and using less petrol, dining out less and less trips to the beautician for those of us who need it LOL! Luxuries need to be the first things to go, not rent and not kindness if a tenant is sincerely in trouble with their rent. And if we all have that willing and giving approach through this time, there should be no problems we can’t overcome together!

As I've said before, and as Scott Morrison said today, communication is clearly key! Tenants, you may lose your job but with Centrelink and assistance packages, you may still be able to meet your rental payments or promptly repay anything missed and if so, then please do so and we thank you. And Landlords, if you have to show some grace to a tenant who is legitimately suffering hardship through this time, and if you’re able, then please do so willingly, and we also thank you. We can all warm each other’s hearts with our efforts to pay our rent and to help out those who can’t because remember, we are to never know what’s going on in someone else’s financial world.

Here is a link to his announcement and as he says, as this is state and territory legislation, we shall see more detail coming over the next little while. So I’ll keep you as posted as I am.

This can be a very stressful time and so, for those who may not be able to stay above it emotionally, that’s ok and very understandable. Here are some links to some websites and people that can help. I am not advocating one of these organisations over another, but from friends, I have seen that different approaches can help different people so keep trying until you find one that helps you feel on top of things again. And of course reach out to your doctor if you need to, you certainly won’t be the only one during this time. There is also lots of stuff on youtube at the moment on coping and self-help if you don’t want to involve anyone. Just google it, there’s an abundance so you are definitely not alone, but PLEASE get the help you need if you need it.

Likewise, you could chat to your normal accountant (who does your tax) about how you can make things work best for you, or seek out the help of a financial planner. Again, there are lots of people offering free services at the moment so if needed, just search it up cause there may be some great tips and strategies that will work really well for you that you may not know about.

As always, let me know if there is anything we need to discuss and please continue to stay safe, well and at peace we will get through this!
My sincerest, from Amber